Another type of PPE, and why it matters

Having access to basic feminine hygiene products is something many people take for granted. This is a global problem, often referred to as period poverty, that affects the ability of women and girls around the world to attend school, seek and maintain employment, and avoid the indignity caused by a lack of access to basic feminine hygiene products. The recurring monthly need for disposable feminine hygiene products is cost-prohibitive to one in five females, often forcing them to go without needed supplies or to craft less healthful alternatives. In 2019, a survey by Reuter's health found that two-thirds of low income women could not afford these personal protective items. #PPE PeriodPovertyEssentils

The idea to form PADS was prompted in 2012 by a presentation a once-homeless woman gave at Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, Ohio. She told attendees about her experiences of homelessness, including not having access to personal hygiene products due to transience and the lack of a stable income. After hearing about this presentation, East Cleveland native Delesia Robinson, RN and her daughter Carmen decided to form PADS in hopes of preventing other women from suffering similar indignities.

PADS story

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